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MSIH North America

The North American office, located in New York, handles all admissions activities, public relations, electives planning, residency planning and alumni relations.

Mailing Address
601 West 168th St., Suite 63
New York, NY 10032

Beth A. Chesir

Assistant Director of Admissions and External Affairs
Email Ms. Chesir

Kelly A. Coleman, M.B.A.

Assistant Director of Recruitment and Public Relations
Email Ms. Coleman

Victoria King

Electives Coordinator and Alumni Association Administrator
Email Ms. King

Ja’net Y. Carter, M.P.A.

Administrative Director
Email Ms. Carter

Lynne Quittell, M.D.

Associate Director, Admissions and Student Affairs, North American Office
Email Dr. Quittell
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Richard Deckelbaum, M.D., FRCPC

Senior Advisor on Global Health Education
Email Dr. Deckelbaum
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