Regular Council Session

  1. Invocation

  2. Old Business

    • Minutes-Approval of April 11th Regular Council Meeting minutes
  3. New Business

    • Resolution to Submit 2017 CDBG Application
    • Carlos Jenkins: Police Department Concern
    • Department Head Reports
    • Public Comments
  4. Executive Session


  • Mayor Barry Whitley
  • Ed Guinn
  • Deborah Williams
  • Amanzie Jenkins
  • Glenn Harris
  • Vicki Wainwright

Media Present

  • Taylor County News
  • Flint Cable TV


  • Council Woman Deborah Williams

Old Business


A motion made by Councilman Amanzie Jenkins to adopt the minutes of the February 14th Council Meeting. A 2nd was made by Council Woman Deborah Williams. The vote was unanimous.

New Business

Taylor County Middle School Presentation in honor of Al Brooks

During the March 14th Council Meeting Council Woman Deborah Williams , along with two middle school students Alyssa Willis and McKenzie Erikson, presented the Butler Fire Department with money that was raised to honor Johnny Brooks due to the passing of his Dad, Al Brooks. The family had requested that the money raised be donated to the Butler Fire Department in memory of Mr. Brooks, a fellow Butler fire fighter. Eddie Moulton accepted the money, and Paige Brooks was in attendance to express her thanks for the community’s support and prayers for her and her sons.

2015/2016 Budget Amendment

City Clerk Vicki Wainwright presented the Mayor and Council with a copy of the budget amendment for the 2015/2016 budget, as well as a budget for 2015/2016 T-SPLOST. Ms. Wainwright stated that the auditors recommended the amendment, and also that the City did not have a budget for the T-SPLOST in 2015–2016 and the auditors stated that one was needed. The recommendation was requested to eliminate an audit finding.

Mayor Pro-Tem Guinn clarified that the amendment was where certain line items were over budget and some others were under budget and the amendments were to adjust those in accordance with the auditors findings. A motion to approve the 2015–2016 Budget Amendment and the 2015/2016 T-SPLOST Budget was made by Mayor Pro-Tem Ed Guinn and a 2nd was issued by Councilman Amanzie Jenkins. The vote was unanimous.

Procurement for Grant Writer for 2017 CDBG

Public Works Director David Windham stated that a vote for the procurement of a grant writer was needed since the procurement was advertised again to satisfy DCA. 2 bids were received and he recommended that the Council accept the proposal from Grant Specialists of Georgia. A motion to accept the proposal from Grant Specialists of Georgia was made by Councilman Amanzie Jenkins and a 2nd was issued by Mayor Pro-Tem Ed Guinn. The vote was unanimous with Council Woman Deborah Williams abstaining.

Procurement for Engineer for 2017 CDBG

Mr. Windham also said that since the procurement process for engineer had to be run again in the newspaper he asked for the Mayor and Council to accept the proposal from Carter and Sloope. A motion was made to accept Carter and Sloope as the engineers for the 2017 CDBG by Mayor Pro-Tem Ed Guinn and a 2nd was issued by Councilman Amanzie Jenkins. The vote was unanimous with Council Woman Deborah Williams abstaining.

2017 CDBG Match Funds

Mr. Windham told the Mayor and Council that the available funds for the 2017 CDBG has increased to $750,000 from $500,000. Due to this the amount of the funds required as match funds from the City of Butler has increased. He recommends that the City agree to $50,000 as match funds in order the help with the scoring process of the CDBG. Mayor Pro Tem Guinn asked where the funds would come from and Mr. Windham stated SPLOST since it is a capital improvement***Council Woman Deborah Williams asked what does the City normally match? Mr. Windham stated that it is usually $30,000 but since the grant amount is more, than the City will be looked at the match more. A motion to approve the $50,000 match with SPLOST funds was made by Mayor Pro-Tem Ed Guinn and ***Ms. Williams offered a 2nd, but was reminded that she can’t vote on anything to do with the CDBG for 2017. Mr. Windham stated that to avoid conflict she needed to abstain. Mayor Pro-Tem Guinn asked when that came about, and was told that since Ms. Williams lives in the area under consideration the grant writers had recommended that. A 2nd was issued by Councilman Glenn Harris. The vote was unanimous, with Ms. Williams abstaining.

  • **Council Woman Deborah Williams lives in the area that is being considered for the 2017 CDBG and due to this she was cautioned to refrain from any discussion or vote in regard to the 2017 CDBG to avoid conflict. ***

Department Head Reports

Public Works Director David Windham said that the ad notifying the public that the City is accepting bids for the LAS hay baling has run in the newspaper and that the City will accept bids through March 24th. He said that the contracts for Supplemental LMIG project which is signage, stripping and the intersection at Mulberry and Oak should be in this week and will be forwarded to the City of Butler Attorney. He stated that he feels that the work should begin in April. He also said that the contract documents for the GEFA project should be in this week as well and those will be forwarded to the attorney as well. The Hazardous Mitigation Plan has been a work in progress for many months but that has been finished and will be sent to the state level for approval and will then be sent to the federal level before coming back to the local elected officials for adoption. The March LEPC meeting has been cancelled due to voting day. He also encouraged everyone to go vote and to encourage their family and friends to do the same. He said that turn out for early voting has been quite low. He also reminded everyone that Saturday, March 18th at 11:00 AM is opening day for recreational baseball, softball and tee ball.

Acting Police Chief Ed McCrary said that the City of Butler Police had 181 calls last month with 49 citations written. Of those 181 calls 69 were traffic stops, 32 domestic calls, 3 registration checks, 6 assist motorists, 4 burglary/theft calls, 10 alarms, 4 accidents, and 53 other calls. He also announced the Officer Crystal Houseweart came back on duty full-time on March 3rd. He said that Chief Towns is healing well and is wished a speedy recovery. (Chief Towns was injured on Sunday, February 19th in a benefit basketball game and broke his ankle in 3 places and injured his knee on the other leg.)

Fire Administrator Eddie Moulton stated that the fire department had run 19 calls last month. There was 2 structure fires, a stove fire, 2 controlled burn pages, 7 grass fires, 2 false alarms, 2 weather incidents, 2 accidents and 1 helicopter landing. The Firefighter 1 class has been held since January of this year and those 8 students should test by the first of April. He again reminded everyone that during the current cold snap to keep a check on their heaters and drop cords, and to also check on the elderly. Mayor Barry Whitley stated that he would like to thank Ed McCrary for stepping up when Chief Towns was injured and taking over of the police department.

Executive Session

Mayor Whitley stated that the Council had some things that needs to be discussed in Executive Session and with no further issues he asked for a motion to enter in to executive session. The motion was made by Councilman Amanzie Jenkins and a 2nd was made by Councilwoman Deborah Williams. The vote was unanimous.

Regular Session Continued


With no more business in Regular Session, a motion to adjourn was made by Mayor Pro-Tem Ed Guinn and a 2nd was issued by Councilman Amanzie Jenkins. The vote was unanimous.