The history of Taylor County is carved from the Creek Indian Territory. It was formed from parts of Macon, Marion, and Talbot counties in 1852, and in 1854 the part of Crawford County lying West of the Flint River was added to Taylor County as well. Indians lived in what is now Taylor County, and there have been many artifacts and mounds found throughout the county.

History tells us that settlers began moving into the county along the Flint River, and that soon large plantations flourished. According to letters from early inhabitants, fever was prevalent along the rich river bottoms; therefore, those that lived in these low lying areas began to search for a place to send the women and children to higher ground for the Summer months. As a result of these Summer homes, areas around Butler and Reynolds became settled, and towns began to spring up.

The City of Butler was established when the founding fathers of Taylor County began to look for a site for the center of government for the county. They chose an area that was approximately in the center of the county. This area was then known as Fifty Mile Station. Fifty Mile Station was named so because this area was the connecting link between Macon and Columbus on the Muscogee Railroad. Trains that first came to this area from Macon were turned on a turntable for the return trip. Trains from Columbus used the same turntable to return to Columbus. Later, the railroads were connected to link Macon and Columbus.

Butler was named for General William Orlando Butler, a distinguished soldier of the Mexican War. Before the town became known as Butler, it was known by various names, among them Mount Pleasant and Wolf Pen.

Butler was surveyed, and clearing began in 1852. Tradition says that a huge tree was burned on the site for the town, and that the fire could be seen for as much as ten miles. Thus, Butler was said to have been built on the highest spot between Savannah and Columbus.

Butler was incorporated on February 8, 1854, but did not receive the charter until 1870. In 1976, Butler was declared a Certified City, and now it continues to look forward to the future in providing for the citizens.