Applications are due July 1 each year. Applications must be submitted to ACPA by mail or email.
Each year the Commission on Approval of Teams (CAT) reviews applications from one region. Teams that apply outside of their region and teams that were denied approval may apply during the current cycle. Teams that are approved off cycle will be required to reapply when their region is up for review – which could be in fewer than 5 years.
CAT approves teams for a period up to five years. Approved teams will be invited to reapply during the final year of their approval period.
There is a non-refundable initial application fee of $250.00. If a team is approved, this fee will count as the team’s first year listing fee. There is an annual listing fee of $175.00 – pay your listing fee online.
Teams will be contacted by August 1 if additional materials are needed to support the application.

Teams will be notified of their approval status in November of the year in which they apply.

The person with overall responsibility of the administrative unit under which the team operates is the authorizing individual. Some examples:

  • President or CEO of the hospital
  • Dean of the university school or department
  • President or Board Chair of a corporation
Contact Us with additional questions about the team approval process.