The fellowships listed below are offered by ACPA members and/or ACPA Approved Teams but are not affiliated in any way with ACPA. If you have a fellowship program you would like to have listed, please email us.



International Association for Dental Research’s STAR Network Academy Fellowship
Institution: TBD
Deadline: October, 2017
For more information, click here.

Sheri S. Herren, Strategic Programs Manager



Craniofacial Orthodontic Fellowship
Institution: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Program Director: Dr. Stephen Yen
Duration: 12 months
Affiliation: Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology, USC

This craniofacial orthodontic fellowship is for orthodontists who have graduated from an orthodontic residency. The fellowship is accredited by the ADA and is based at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles which has a large and comprehensive craniofacial team. The goal of the fellowship is to prepare the fellow to participate in a craniofacial team, to treat patients with cleft lip and palate and other craniofacial birth defects and to conduct craniofacial research.  Coursework includes orthognathic surgery, genetics, clinical trial design and academic skills for medical fellows.  International applicants must come supported by their government or hospital, and must be proficient in orthodontics and English.

Additional information is on the CHLA website.

Griselda Monroy
Tel: 323.361.2130

Craniofacial Orthodontic Fellowship

Institution: University of California, San Francisco

Location: San Francisco, CA
Program Director: Dr. Snehlata Oberoi
Duration: 12 months

The Division of Craniofacial Anomalies at the University of California, San Francisco is offering a one-year fellowship to qualified orthodontists, starting in Aug 2015. This is an ADA accredited post orthodontic residency fellowship program to provide advanced training and skills for the management of individuals with Craniofacial Anomalies and Special Care needs, requiring complex multidisciplinary care. The goal of this clinical fellowship is to prepare the fellow to participate in a craniofacial team, to treat patients with cleft lip and palate, hemifacial microsomia, syndromic craniosynostosis and other craniofacial anomalies and to conduct research related to craniofacial anomalies.  Click here for the application.

Dr. Snehlata Oberoi
Tel: 415.476.1138

Craniofacial and Special Care Orthodontic Fellowship
Institution:  University of Michigan Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry and University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital

Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Program Director:  Katherine Kelly, DDS, PhD, MS
Duration:  12 months

This clinical fellowship provides extensive and in depth training in the care of patients with craniofacial anomalies, syndromes, and associated special needs.

The fellow will work intimately with the multi-specialty Craniofacial Team members to diagnose, treatment plan, and treat patients.  This program includes clinical, didactic, research, and service components.  While gaining hands on experience, the fellow will also gain a broad scope of craniofacial care and the unique challenges this patient population faces.  This fellowship program is fully accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Dr. Katherine Kelly
Dept. of Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry
1011 N. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1078
Tel: 734.764.1080

Craniofacial Orthodontic and Special Needs Fellowship
Institution: New York University Langone Medical Center, Hansjörg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery

Location: New York, NY
Program Director: Dr. Pradip R. Shetye
Duration: 12 Months from July 1st through June 30th

This was the first ADA accredited post orthodontic residency fellowship program in the USA, that was designed to provide advanced training and skills for the, management of patients with Craniofacial Anomalies and Special Care requirements (CFA&SC). These patients have a wide range of congenital and acquired craniofacial anomalies that affect the craniofacial complex and stomatognathic system, requiring complex multidisciplinary care. The focus of this subspecialty of orthodontics includes but is not limited to: patients with cleft lip and palate, syndromic craniosynostosis and other craniofacial anomalies, dentofacial deformities, craniofacial surgery, orthognathic surgery, distraction osteogenesis, nasoalveolar molding and special care orthodontics. Graduates of the program will develop skills in the diagnosis and treatment planning for patients with complex craniofacial anomalies, cleft lip and palate. They will work with both two and three dimensional diagnostic record sets in performing craniofacial orthodontic diagnosis and treatment plans. The Fellow will be exposed to a large clinical population of both pediatric and adult patients with congenital and acquired craniofacial abnormalities. The goal of the program is to train individuals to take an active role on a cleft and craniofacial treatment team.

Eligibility: Candidates for this fellowship program must have graduated from an CODA accredited dental school and orthodontic residency program, and be eligible for full licensures in New York State. Please check New York state Education Department for more information.  For application form, please contact the office.

Deadline: October 15 of the preceding year.
Stipend is available. Please call the office for details.

Dr. Pradip R. Shetye
Mary Maroutsis
Tel: 212.263.5204
Fax: 212.263.0882

Craniofacial, Surgical and Special Care Orthodontics Fellowship
Institution: Case Western Reserve University, School of Dental Medicine

Location: Cleveland, OH
Duration and start dates: The 12 month fellowship starts in either in July or January. Candidates should indicate the cycle they want to be considered when filling out the application (rolling admissions). The Fellowship is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

The goal of the program is to train an orthodontist to work in a team environment and attain a high level of competency that enables him or her to recognize, diagnose and treat patients with craniofacial anomalies and special needs. The advanced clinical and didactic program is designed primarily for US trained orthodontists who are permanent residents of the US but exceptions can be made based on individual applications. Stipends are available for eligible candidates and a personal interview is strongly recommended. More information.

Manish Valiathan, MDS, DDS, MSD
Program Director
Tel: 216.368.0673

Cleft, Craniofacial and Special Care Orthodontic Fellowship
Institution: Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Duration: 12 months

The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC is offering a one-year fellowship training program in cleft, craniofacial and special care orthodontics.  The orthodontic division is a full-time cleft-craniofacial practice that treats patients from birth through adulthood.  The scope of the practice involves pre-surgical infant orthopedics for the cleft patient, phase I treatment and preparation for alveolar bone grafting, and comprehensive orthodontic treatment, including orthognathic surgical planning and preparation. Weekly team meetings, didactic and case-based conference, literature review and dedicated research time are integral to the fellowship.  Upon completion of the program, a Certificate in Cleft, Craniofacial and Special Care Orthodontics from The Department of Plastic Surgery, University of Pittsburgh is awarded. PGY-4 stipend support and benefits are provided.

Eligibility: Applicants must be eligible for dental licensure in the State of Pennsylvania (US or Canadian DDS/DMD required) and have completed an orthodontic residency.

For more information and to receive application materials, please provide a letter of introduction and CV via email.

Craniofacial Orthodontics Fellowship Program
Institution: Seattle Children’s Hospital

Location: Seattle, WA
Program Director: Hitesh Kapadia, DDS, PhD

The Craniofacial Orthodontics Fellowship program at Seattle Children’s Hospital is designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills for the management of craniofacial anomalies. Graduates of the program will have been exposed to the diagnosis, treatment planning, and care of a large clinical volume of primarily pediatric patients who have congenital and acquired craniofacial differences. Active participation in ongoing clinical outcome studies and case series analysis is expected and the presentation of original clinical research at a national meeting is supported. The goal of the program is to train the fellow to attain a level of competency that enables them to recognize, diagnosis, and treat patients with craniofacial anomalies and special needs in a hospital based, team care setting. PGY-4 stipend support and benefits are provided. Start date is July 1st.

Eligibility: Applicants must be eligible for dental licensure in the State of Washington and have completed an orthodontic residency as well as supply documentation of passing scores on parts I and II of the NBDE.

Hitesh Kapadia, DDS, PhD
Jessica Austin, Fellowship Coordinator

Orthodontic Fellowship
Institution: Hospital for Sick Children

Location: Toronto, Canada
Duration: 12 months
Deadline: October 31

The Hospital for Sick Children is offering an orthodontic fellowship in cleft lip/palate & craniofacial anomalies. It is a great opportunity for young graduates of accredited orthodontic programs to spend a year being involved in treatment planning and treating complicated craniofacial and cleft cases, planning orthognathic surgery and distraction osteogenesis in conjunction with our Division of Craniofacial Surgery, as well as getting involved with some research. The Hospital for Sick Children cleft/craniofacial program is one of the largest in patient volume in the world. The orthodontic fellowship program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC).

Dr. Bryan Tompson, Head, Division of Orthodontics

Fellowship in Cleft and Craniofacial Orthodontics
Institution: Centre for Dental Education and Research (CDER), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

Location: New Delhi, India
Duration: 2 years
Deadline: March/ September

Division of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Deformities of CDER has been running Interdisciplinary cleft care since 1972 and it is a trusted centre on CLP Orthodontics in India. To extend the Cleft Orthodontic Care to the all parts of our nation, under the leadership of Prof. OP Kharbanda, Division of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Deformities has started fully paid Fellowship Programme in Cleft and Craniofacial Orthodontics from year 2017. Fellowship is also open for sponsored candidate/ foreign nationals.  Details of the fellowship programme, application and selection procedures can be obtained on the AIIMS exam section website.

Prof. OP Kharbanda

Craniofacial Orthodontic Program
Institution: Rambam Health Care Campus, Faculty of Medicine, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Location: Haifa, Israel
Program Director: Prof. Dror Aizenbud
Duration: 12 months
Deadline: June 1

This orthodontic fellowship program is based at the Rambam Health Care Campus which includes the largest comprehensive craniofacial team in Israel. The program provides advanced training in the treatment of patients with cleft lip and palate, hemifacial microsomia and other congenital and acquired craniofacial anomalies, syndromes and special care needs. The fellow will gain experience to participate in the craniofacial team and adapt a broad clinical experience in the pre and post-surgical orthodontic management of patients undergoing craniofacial and orthognathic surgery and distraction osteogenesis. The program encompasses advanced clinical and academic skills, design and conduct of clinical craniofacial studies and participation in scientific meetings. This fellowship program will provide the recent qualified orthodontic graduate with a fascinating alternative to the conventional practice of orthodontics.

Prof. Dror Aizenbud, Chairman, Department of Orthodontics and Craniofacial Anomalies
Tel: 972.4.7772265
Fax: 972.4.7773429


Plastic Surgery

Craniofacial-Maxillofacial-Pediatric Surgery Fellowship
Institution: Florida Craniofacial Institute

Location: Tampa, FL
Program Director: Pat Ricalde, MD, DDS, FACS
Duration: 12 Months

A Fellowship in Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery is available at the Florida Craniofacial Institute with Dr. Pat Ricalde. This 1-year fellowship is in a private practice environment in Tampa, Florida and the focus is the management of Congenital Craniofacial Anomalies. The applicant must be certified in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, and have a Florida Medical License and malpractice insurance. Foreign graduates are not eligible. Please email CV. More information on the Florida Craniofacial Institute.

Pat Ricalde, MD, DDS, FACS
4200 N Armenia Ave. Ste 3
Tampa, FL 33607
Tel: 813.870.6000

Cleft Lip/Palate & Craniofacial Surgery Fellowship
Institution: LSU Health Science Center in Shreveport, LA

Program Director: Jennifer E. Woerner, DMD, MD, FACS
Duration: 24 months

The Cleft Lip/Palate & Craniofacial Surgery Fellowship is a fully-accredited CODA comprehensive two-year fellowship encompassing the full spectrum of Cleft Lip/Palate & Craniofacial Surgery with interdisciplinary comprehensive work-up, treatment planning, and post-operative care.

Eligibility: Eligible fellows are selected on a yearly basis and must be graduates or expected graduates of a CODA-accredited Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency training program and be a US citizen or legal alien. Fellows must be eligible for medical or dental licensure in the state of Louisiana.

Lauren Lafitte
1501 Kings Highway
Shreveport, LA 71130
Tel: 318.675.6036

Orthognathic-Facial Aesthetic-Surgery Fellowship
Institution: Posnick Center for Facial Plastic Surgery

Location: Chevy Chase, MD
Program Director: Jeffrey C. Posnick, DMD, MD
Duration: 12 Months
Eligibility: surgeons, with completed residency

Jeffrey C. Posnick, DMD, MD
5530 Wisconsin Ave, Ste 1250
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Tel: 301.986.9475

Cranio-Maxillofacial\Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowship
Institution: State University of New York Upstate Medical University

Location: Syracuse, NY
Program Directors: Sherard A. Tatum, MD and Robert M. Kellman, MD
Duration: 12 months
Deadline: Applicants should apply by February 1

Eligibility: Board eligible surgeons in Otolaryngology. View more information.

Robin Brozak, Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department of Otolaryngology
750 E. Adams St
Syracuse, NY 13210
Tel: 315.464.4636

Craniofacial Surgery Fellowship
Institution: The Craniofacial Center

Location: Dallas, TX
Duration: one year (begin July 1).

Focus is pediatric congenital craniofacial anomalies (this includes cleft lip and palate, but is not focused just on this area). Only individuals who are board eligible in Plastic Surgery will be considered.  View more information.

Jeffrey A. Fearon, MD, FACS, FAAP
Director, The Craniofacial Center
7777 Forest Lane, C-700
Dallas, TX 75230
Tel: 972.566.6464

Pediatric Craniofacial Surgery Fellowship

Institution:  University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Location: Dallas, TX
Program Director:  Alex Kane, MD, FACS, FAAP
Duration:  12 months

The Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center offers an ACGME-accredited 12-month fellowship program in Pediatric Craniofacial Surgery. This fellow is a fully integrated member of a high-volume general pediatric and cleft/craniofacial practice. This position is typically offered to physicians who have successfully completed an accredited plastic surgery residency and are looking for more complete training in pediatric plastic craniofacial surgery. View more information.

Mikka Seals
Department of Plastic Surgery
1801 Inwood Rd
Dallas, TX 75390-9132
Tel: 214.456.8671

Pediatric Plastic Surgery Fellowship
Institution: Texas Children’s Hospital – Baylor College of Medicine

Location: Houston, TX
Program Director: Edward Buchanan, MD
Duration: 12 months

A comprehensive fellowship in all aspects of Pediatric Plastic Surgery is available at Texas Children’s Hospital under the supervision of six full-time, fellowship-trained Pediatric Plastic Surgery Faculty. High-volume exposure to cleft lip and palate (including cleft orthognathic surgery), resonance disorders, complex craniofacial disorders, craniosynostosis, vascular anomalies, congenital hand, and obstetrical brachial plexus palsy is available. Please e- mail CV, two letters of recommendation, and a personal statement to

Cathryn Linn, Division of Plastic Surgery
6701 Fannin, Suite 610
Houston, Texas 77030

Craniofacial Pediatric Plastic Surgery Fellowship
Institution: University of Utah

Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Program Director: Dr. Faizi Siddiqi
Time: 12 months
Affiliation: University of Utah, Primary Children’s Hospital

The Craniofacial Fellowship is a large-volume training program designed for board eligible/board certified graduates of ACGME certified plastic surgery residencies who wish to gain additional experience in the diagnosis and surgical management of craniofacial anomalies. The surgeons at the craniofacial program provide one of the most extensive experiences in United States. We have performed over 800 major craniofacial procedures over the past 10 years. For example, more than 200 patients with craniosynostosis have been treated with the endoscopic assisted craniectomy, with excellent results. View more information.

Kallie Handy, Program Manager
Tel: 801-581-8419

Craniofacial Fellowship

Institution: The Craniofacial Foundation of Utah

Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Type of Training: Clinical and Research
Duration:  1 year

This fellowship encompasses a broad spectrum of pediatric plastic and craniofacial cases. There is a large volume of intracranial cases, cleft lip and palate, soft tissue and bony tumors, facial paralysis and orthognathic surgery. The fellow will learn bony distraction of the midface, frontal-orbital areas and the mandible. The fellow will interact with the neurosurgeons, oculoplastic surgeons and the team orthodontist. As part of the training the fellow works with the orthodontist to assist in surgical planning of the orthognathic cases. The fellow will also participate in all cleft palate and craniofacial clinics, as well as distant clinics in and out of state.  View more information.

Dr. Morales
Tel: 801.743.0700
Fax: 801.743.0701

Craniofacial Medicine Fellowship
Institution: University of Washington Department of Pediatrics, Division of Craniofacial Medicine & Seattle Children’s Craniofacial Center

Location: Seattle, WA
Program Director: Anne V. Hing, MD

Currently accepting applications for subspecialty clinical and research training in craniofacial medicine.  Drawing on the clinical and research expertise of our group and the broader university community, we will offer a variety of training opportunities ranging from one year clinical fellowships to three year fellowships with training in molecular biology, developmental biology, epidemiology, bioethics, clinical and outcomes research, molecular genetics, and public health sciences, among other disciplines. The goal of our fellowship program is to train pediatric providers to become members of cleft and craniofacial teams while providing the scientific training necessary to become successful independent investigators for those who want to pursue academic careers.  Fellows will have the opportunity to learn skills at one of the largest craniofacial centers in the US with 39 team members. The fellow will be responsible for the diagnosis and management of the craniofacial patient in coordination with surgeons, other craniofacial team members, and the primary care provider.  View details regarding the program and application process.

Anne V. Hing, MD
Jerrie Bishop, Program Administrative Assistant
Tel: 206.987.4572
Fax: 206.987.3064

Fellowship in Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery

Institution: Seattle Children’s Hospital and University of Washington

Location: Seattle, WA
Program Director: Craig Birgfeld, MD

Two Fellowships Annually, one each for the domestic and international programs. The Craniofacial Surgery Fellowship is based on a broad clinical referral base spanning five states. Since 1993, the fellowship program has graduated 31 craniofacial surgeons currently practicing in academic and private practice environments. The fellowship educational experience is intrinsically linked to the Craniofacial Center, a 50+ member interdisciplinary team with coordinated clinical and academic activities.  Graduates of the program have been exposed to diagnosis and perioperative care of a large clinical volume of both pediatric and adult congenital and acquired craniomaxillofacial abnormalities. The goal of the program is to train in all aspects of surgery of the craniofacial skeleton. The fellowship experience is approximately 80 percent pediatric and 20 percent adult.  View details regarding the program and application.

Post Graduate Fellowship – Craniofacial Surgery
Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin

Location: Wauwatosa, WI
Duration: 12 Months

BC/BE plastic surgery required, 1 year fellowship beginning in July. Focus on congenital and traumatic reconstruction, tertiary cleft lip/palate, orthognathic and distraction. Pediatrics and adult. Research activity encouraged. Administered by Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Medical College of Wisconsin. ACGME accredited.

Arlen Denny, MD, Director, Center for Craniofacial Disorders
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Tel: 414.266.2825

North Thames Cleft Lip and Palate Fellowship
Institution: North Thames Cleft Centre (Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK and St Andrew’s Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery, Chelmsford, UK)

Program Directors: Mr. P. Morris, M. G. Thorburn, Mr. L. Kangesu
Duration: 6-12 months

This fellowship is open to Plastic Surgery or Maxillofacial Surgery trainees who have an interest in Cleft Lip and Palate. The North Thames Cleft Centre treats pediatric through to adult patients across two sites (Great Ormond Street Hospital and Chelmsford). The fellow will join a large multidisciplinary Cleft team and have exposure to the full range of cleft cases, with a wide range of complexity. Research is actively encouraged during the fellowship. Posts are advertised at or

Mr. Paul Morris
Mr. Guy Thorburn


Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathology Opportunity
Institution: California State University San Marcos – Department of Speech-Language Pathology

Location: San Marcos, CA

The Department of Speech-Language Pathology at California State University San Marcos has just obtained a training grant to prepare graduate students for practice in the field of Speech-Language Pathology.  This grant would provide support to training grant scholars to cover a portion of their tuition and books, 12 units of additional specialized curriculum in the area of cleft lip and palate, membership in the American Cleft Palate Association and funding to travel to their annual conference.  This funding does come with a 2-year service obligation which would require recipients to work with children with disabilities following graduation.  We are interested in recruiting promising students from underrepresented populations. View more information.

Dr. Suzanne Moineau, Principle Investigator
Tel: 760-750-8505
Fax: 760-750-3353

Clinical Fellowship in Speech Pathology focused in Craniofacial Disorders
Institute: Center for Craniofacial Disorders at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite

Location: Atlanta, GA
Program Director: John E. Riski, PhD, CCC-S, FASHA
Duration: 12 months

The Center for Craniofacial Disorders at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish offers a Clinical Fellowship in Speech Pathology focused in Craniofacial Disorders.  The goal of the Fellowship is to provide clinical research experience for speech pathologists who want to be the next generation clinical researchers in craniofacial disorders. The Fellowship is available immediately. It is a paid position leading to the completion of the Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY).  The ideal Fellowship candidate will have strong demonstrated interest in craniofacial disorders, a Master’s or PhD in Communication Disorders/Speech-Language Pathology, will have completed a student internship or research project in craniofacial disorders, and a professional goal of developing into a clinical researcher in the specialty area of craniofacial disorders. We have found that students who have worked as a research assistant or directed a research lab for one of their professors have excellent skills to excel in this position. Please apply online on the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta website.

John E. Riski, PhD, CCC-S, FASHA, Director, Speech Pathology Laboratory
Clinical Director, Center for Craniofacial Disorders
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Sabrina Conley, Allied Health Recruiter

Craniofacial Speech Pathology Fellowship
Institution: Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Location: Columbus, OH
Program Directors: Adriane Baylis, PhD, CCC-SLP and Richard Kirschner, MD
Duration: 12 Months
Deadline: March 1 each year

This speech fellowship program is a full-time 12 month experience (approximately August to August) consisting of clinical and research training in the assessment and treatment of Cleft lip and palate, craniofacial anomalies, velopharyngeal dysfunction, resonance disorders, 22q and other syndromes commonly associated with cleft/craniofacial anomalies, feeding/swallowing disorders in patients with craniofacial anomalies, and pediatric speech disorders, with an emphasis on articulation and motor speech disorders. Additional details available on the fellowship website.

Adriane Baylis, PhD, CCC-SLP
Tel: 614.722.3895