ACPA is piloting two special interest groups – Care Coordination and 22q11.2 Related Disorders. ACPA members can choose to join one SIG. To join a SIG, email us.

Care Coordination

ACPA’s Care Coordination SIG was created to facilitate the highest level of knowledge, professional practice, research, and collaboration in the care of individuals with acquired or congenital cleft or craniofacial anomalies.

The SIGs goals are to serve as an advocate for care coordination within ACPA; to provide opportunities for professional growth through exchange of ideas, networking, and team care experiences; and to educate ACPA members with interest in Team Coordination, as well as current and evolving state of cleft and craniofacial care and multidisciplinary care coordination. Members can participate in the Care Coordination thread in the ACPA Online Community.

22q11.2 Related Disorders

The mission of ACPA’s 22q11.2 Related Disorders SIG is to optimize interdisciplinary care and quality of life of individuals with 22q11.2 related disorders by enhancing networking and educational opportunities for clinicians, researchers and other ACPA members interested in 22q11.2 related disorders.

The SIGs goal is to promote collaboration of clinical care and research across the US and abroad through networking and education. Members can participate in the 22q11.2 Related Disorders thread in the ACPA Online Community.