ACPA awards the Honors of the Association and the Distinguished Service Award during ACPA’s Annual Meeting. These awards recognize ACPA members and individuals who have contributed to ACPA, the profession and to patient care.

Honors of the Association

The Honors of the Association represents the highest expression of respect and gratitude ACPA bestows. It is granted to those individuals whose lifetime of research, healthcare delivery, or leadership has advanced, significantly and uniquely, the amelioration of physical, behavioral or social conditions of cleft lip and palate or other craniofacial differences.

Robert H. Ivy, MD, DDS 1963
Herbert K. Cooper, DDS 1965
Josef Warkany, MD 1966
Herbert Koepp-Baker, PhD 1967
Poul Fogh-Andersen, MD 1973
F. Clarke Fraser, PhD, MD 1974
Samuel Pruzansky, DDS, MS 1976
Dr. Muriel Morley, England 1977
Joanne D. Subtelny, PhD 1980
J. Daniel Subtelny, DDS, MS 1980
Hughlett L. Morris, PhD 1982
Wilton M. Krogman, PhD 1983
D. Ralph Millard, Jr., MD 1985
Peter Randall, MD 1986
Betty Jane McWilliams, PhD 1987
Mohammad Mazaheri, DDS, MSc 1989
Paul L. Tessier, MD 1991
Donald W. Warren, DDS, PhD 1992
Robert J. Gorlin, DDS, MS, DSc 1993
Philip J. Boyne, DMD, MS, DSc 1994
Malcolm Johnston, DDS, MSCD, PhD 1995
M. Michael Cohen, Jr., DMD, PhD 1996
Sylvan Stool, MD 1997
Ralph L. Shelton, Jr., PhD 1998
M. Samuel Noordhoff, MD 2000
Harold C. Slavkin, DDS, PhD 2001
Betty Jane Philips, PhD 2002
Leonard T. Furlow, Jr., MD 2004
Rodger M. Dalston, PhD 2005
Ronald P. Strauss, DMD, PhD 2007
Karlind T. Moller, PhD 2009
Sheldon William Rosenstein, DDS, MSD 2010
Ross Eugene Long, Jr., DMD, MS, PhD 2012
Karin Vargervik, DDS 2012
Henry K. Kawamoto, Jr., MD 2014
R. Bruce Ross, DDS, MSc 2015
Samuel Berkowitz, DDS, MS 2016
Katherine Vig, BDS, MS, D.ORth, FDS(RCS) 2017

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual, member or non-member, who has demonstrated exceptional service to ACPA.

Hughlett L. Morris, PhD 1970
Duane C. Spriestersbach, PhD 1973
Kenneth R. Bzoch, PhD 1974
Peter Randall, MD 1974
Betty Jane McWilliams, PhD 1975
Robert L. Harding, MD, DDS 1976
Asa J. Berlin, PhD 1977
Charlotte G. Wells, PhD 1977
Michael L. Lewin, MD 1978
Ross H. Musgrave, MD 1978
Mohammed Mazaheri, DDS, MSc 1979
Herold S. Lillywhite, PhD 1980
Morton S. Rosen, DDS 1980
Flora P. Berk 1982
Albert H. Guay, DMD 1984
Donald W. Warren, DDS, PhD 1984
William C. Trier, MD 1987
Ralph L. Shelton, PhD 1989
R. Bruce Ross, DDS, MSc 1991
Mary Pannbacker, PhD 1992
Betty Jane Philips, EdD 1993
Patricia A. Landis, MA 1995
Robert W. Parsons, MD 1996
Mary Helen Hough 1997
Beatrice G. Kilwein 1997
Ronald P. Strauss, DMD, PhD 1998
James A. Lehman, Jr., MD 2000
Sally Peterson-Falzone, PhD 2001
Jeffrey L. Marsh, MD 2002
Marilyn C. Jones, MD 2003
Ross E. Long, Jr. DMD, MS, PhD 2005
Robert M. Mason, DMD, PhD 2006
Samuel Berkowitz, DDS, MS 2007
Katherine Vig, BDS, MS, D.Orth, FDS(RCS)2008
Marilyn A. Cohen, BA, LSLP 2011
Judith E. Trost-Cardamone, PhD 2012
Kim S. Uhrich, MSW 2012
Don LaRossa, MD 2014
Jerald B. Moon, PhD 2016